Ragtime Nightingale / Ensemble Vivant
I Love You Truly / Elsie Baker
Whispering Hope / Louise Horner & Alma Gluck
That Haunting Melody / Al Jolson
Clockwork / Philipp Klein
Point of No Return / Marc Jungermann
Haunted Carousel / Nox Arcana
Calliope / Nox Arcana


Ashes to Ashes / Terri Gibbs
Lipstick / Runaway June
Buy My Own Drinks / Runaway June
Country Girl / Rissi Palmer
The Grand Tour / George Jones
Shifting Gears / Aaron Vance
Somebody Else Will / Mickey Guyton
Your Body / Keith Urban
Spirit Horses / Annie Humphrey
Walking After Midnight / Patsy Cline
I Will Wait / Mumford & Sons
Just a Girl / Adrianna Freeman
Best Shot / Jimmie Allen
Rocky Top / Osborne Brothers
Amazed / Lonestar
Wagon Wheel / Darius Rucker
Freeway Bound / Miko Marks
Before the Next Teardrop Falls / Star De Azlan
Ain't No App For That / Tony Jackson
When You're Comin' Down / Vicki Vann
If We Make It Through December / Vicki Vann
Pull It Together / The Greeting Committee

Der Reiter

Cells / The Servant
Nine Crimes / Damien Rice
Me, I'm a Thief / Sarah Slean
Inchworm / The Marigolds
Liebeslied / Joshua Bell
Send My Love / Adele
Nights in White Satin / Moody Blues
Love Will Come Through / Travis
Addicted / Saving Abel
Wake Up Call / Maroon 5
Your Heart Is As Black As Night / Melody Gardot
Time Machine / Ingrid Michaelson
Missed Me / Dresden Dolls
Don't Tread on Me / Metallica
Calliope / Nox Arcana
Spineless / Alanis Morissette
Train of Consequences / Megadeth
This Train is Bound for Glory / Peter, Paul & Mary

Quiver Fool

Spineless / Alanis Morissette
Sympathetic Character / Alanis Morissette
Island / Heather Nova
Lonely Road of Faith / Kid Rock
The Child Is Gone / Fiona Apple
Heathens / Twenty One Pilots
Save My Soul / Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Your Heart Is As Black As Night / Melody Gardot
Will the Circle Be Unbroken


Ellis Island / John Barry
Coney Island / John Barry
Sweet Adeline / The Mills Brothers
A Real Slow Drag / Scott Joplin
Theatre of Sorrows / Nox Arcana
Absolutely Fireproof (O Iroquois) / Bakelite 78
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire / Bakelite 78
Oh! You Beautiful Doll / American Quartet & Orchestra
Alexander's Ragtime Band / Bessie Smith
Moonlight Bay / American Quartet & Orchestra
Beside the Seaside / John Glover-Kind & Trevor Thornton
Ship Ahoy / Phil Kelsall
Southampton, 1912 / David Archibald
Pride of the White Star Line / David Archibald
Songe d'Automne / David Archibald
An Ocean of Memories / James Horner
Underwater Funerals / Maximilien Mathevon


Pompei / Synaulia
Trajan / History Fan
Smooth Operator / Sade
Fit For Caesar / Sun Araw
I'll Wait for You / Bakay Gergely
Ancient Rome / Andrea Ravizza
Think About the Past / J. Visser
Maiden's Lament / Robert Foster
Arriving in Ancient Rome / Kikoru
Ready to Let Go / Cage the Elephant
Shield of Aeneas / Bettina Joy De Guzman
Here's Where the Story Ends / The Sundays
Procession of the Vestal Virgins / Michael Levy
The Pines of the Appian Way / Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma
The Might Of Rome / City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

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