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Can a lonely, overweight student in a medieval convent school ever land a gorgeous, sexy Highlander who looks a bit like Fabio?

Probably not.

Hippolyta Æthelbertha Winebottom loves cake, clothes, shopping, and romance novels featuring a gorgeous kilted Highlander named Fabulous.

It's 1190, though, and if Hippy survives the mean girls at school, she still has to contend with the plague, witch hunters, lepers, morris dancers, highwaymen, Saracens, pillaging knights and corrupt Vatican officials. Oh prithee, who will save her from the dark ages? What she needs is a hero, preferably a Highlander. With a really big sword.

● bbw
● Fabio
● Beowulf
● Robin Hood
● Abelard and Héloïse
● naughty nuns
● cheesy romance
● Highlanders

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